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    Beth'Tilac                        DOWN
           Lord Rhyolith                  DOWN
           Baleroc                           DOWN
  Alysrazor                         DOWN
              Staghelm                         DOWN
            Ragnaros                         DOWN
Eternum of Stormreaver is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Frost (1)
Shadow (1)
Elemental (1)
Restoration (1)
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Eternum is a progression raiding guild, aimed towards making progress and clearing all current raid content. As a guild, we make sure that all our members get along and enjoy the game together, as well as having fun. Eternum can offer you a great loyal and stable guild, where you can feel relaxed and make great new friends.
If you are the active social type, that wants to raid, and enjoy the benefits of progression, then Eternum is the guild for you.
Should you want to join Eternum, you should register to the guild portal, and get to our application page.

Please note, that for recruitting raiders, Eternum requires you to meet a minimum item level of 360 in pve gear, and have all your gear correctly gemmed, enchanted, as well has having all your glyph spots used.

Eternum also offers a great leveling and social enviroment, for non-raiders. Feel free to whisper me, or a member of the guild in-game, for more information.


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Ragnaros down!

Rubydk, Nov 26, 11 11:41 AM.
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